Wednesday, June 10, 2009

SSRIs detox clinics? (repost)

The British Bruce Lee, who has been using all his skills and weapons to bring the truth on Paxil/Seroxat, just shot a post on detox clinics for SSRi's withdrawal.
But we were told that SSRIs are not addictive over and over again. Why on earth there are private clinics in UK to help people tapering these drugs?
There are plenty data here and all over the Web claiming that not only these drugs are highly addictive but that they are the hell to withdraw. Bob Fiddaman found out this insightful paragraph:

Treating addiction to antidepressants is therefore among the most difficult of all addictions to treat, precisely because its true nature is so poorly understood and because doctors may inadvertently work against the best clinical interests of their patients. Faced with the prospect of a suicide, doctors often reach for a prescription pad so that they can be seen to be "doing" something. However, when a successful suicide has used antidepressants the doctor is not blamed but thought to have done his or her best to "help" the patient. Nothing could be further from the truth. Prescribing a mood-altering drug makes it less likely that the patient will find a solution to internal as well as external problems because the sense of equanimity is artificially induced. -
Dr Robert Lefever

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