Saturday, June 13, 2009

Romantic love is over, welcome solitude

No, this title is not mine. It's from a Brazilian thinker and I've read it so many time ago that I forgot who is the author and I did not read the entire article just took a glimpse but I still have this phrase in my mind.
I cannot come to a conclusion and I'm still thinking about it because I'm not even sure if romantic love has ever existed since I cannot point an era where the vast majority of people were happily married or in love for a lifetime.
I've been hearing people of all ages telling about their love experiences. Most people are alone, men and women and some are discussing about love but I can see many ideas repeating themselves.
Sex is easy but it's not a prerogative of any fight or a characteristic of our times.
It has always been like even at Victorian age.
I thought I had something definitive to say but it's still in my mind: Romantic love is over, welcome solitude.
I believe there's a way out of this. Humans are not supposed to be alone although one has to know to be alone to be with someone else.


Cathy said...

Would that I could convince you of the everlasting beauty living in the heart of love based on romance! True I have that sardonic side, and true I've welcomed solitude - but when a lover appears at your balcony with a rose in his mouth and guitar in hand....

Ana said...

Love is the answer..........

Herrad said...

Hi Ana,

Please come by my blog and pick up your award.

Have a good day.



Ana said...

I've already took it.
Thank you.
I saw it first at the other blog so I put it there.