Thursday, June 04, 2009

For the Anonymous who is commenting every day and future strange commenters

I will have to start moderating comments.
I never had to let unpublished any comment but it seems those days are over. If the content of the comment has nothing to do with the post or if I notice that it's provocative I will delete it.
That is the way democracies are run nowadays, isn't it?
Do you see what we write on our blogs being covered by the mainstream media?
That's very democratic not revealing that during the clinical trials of Cymbalta four people have died Traci Johnson being one of them:
a healthy 19 years-old girl who wanted to make money to help her studies and was testing this drug for urinary incontinence hanged herself at Eli-Lilly's facilities in February, 2004.
Sarah Carlin...
Are these facts being reported?
I have already believed that free-speech was for real.


Gianna said...

well Ana,
It's both a good and bad thing the day one has to start moderating. It means you're reaching more people but it also means you become a target.

I was able to use the wordpress moderation that only moderated new commenters for a long time so that trusted people weren't on moderation...but now with so many commenters I don't even know who most of them are so now I have total moderation...

in any case...consider it graduation! and congratulations.

Gianna said...

but Ana dear...I just read my post once it got posted and realized I didn't say how awful it is to be a target...

so don't let them get you down either!!

peace to you.

Ana said...

Thank you Gianna.
Yes, we have to see this side.

D Bunker said...

"Do you see what we write on our blogs being covered by the mainstream media?"

Ana, that's because if the mainstream media is not taking Advertising Money Directly from the corporations who make those drugs or Sell those drugs, they are Connected through Lobbying & Legal Firms which Are connected to the Corporations who make and sell those drugs.

It's the Dollars choking out the truth.

And you should be Proud that you have become enough of a Thorn in their side to be attracting Trolls like Anonymous.

You're breaking into the Big Time Dear. Well Done!

Stephany said...

I've had disgusting comments left telling me I'm a bad mother and should have my daughter on drugs, one person even emailed me to apologize after a couple of years of this. I never posted those comments or talked about them. I moderate for that reason. Life goes on!

Ana said...

D Bunker,
Thank you.
Yes. Some journalists that work for them should have another label for their activity for they don't do what journalism is really all about.

Life goes on.

I don't know what has happenned but I have another comment you did but it doesn't show.