Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Birthday to Furious Seasons

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I did copy it from Mark at Psych Survivor 2.0 . This is the least I can do to celebrate four years of Furious Seasons, Philip Dawdy's blog, that has inspired me to start this blog as many others. Philip Dawdy is dedicating his life and journalistic career publishing valuable data about the severe harms that psych-drugs are causing and to whom it's more profitable to let things stay the way they are.

I have stopped publishing at this blog because it's too damn hard. It's too sad to write about side effects, withdrawal symptoms and all the harms caused by the drugs. I have spent one year and two months at this blog. I've cried and got angry many times till I had to stop.

I don't think twice in classifying as crime against humanity what these drugs are doing and criminals those who are profiting at the expenses of other people's suffering, those who have any kind of emotional problem and those who haven't but were pushed to any of these pills.

I thank Philip Dawdy for his strength to do such a work and I hope that one day what he is bringing to the attention of a few becomes common knowledge and I know he doesn't work to receive any prize. He works because he cares.

I will take the opportunity to thank all my blog friends that keep on the fight. I'm not blogging but I'm doing my best to spread the word.

I hope you visit me at my other blog and can find something to make you smile. I never forget any of you. You are part of who I am.


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Herrad said...

Hi Ana,
You have done so well doing this as long as you have.
I am sure there are many who appreciate what you have done.
Hope yo u have a good weekend.
Take care of yourself.

Ana said...


Thank you!