Thursday, September 17, 2009

David Healy - raising the right questions to promote health

I hope Obama watch it. It's a must see. I'll try to write some excerpts tomorrow.

Thanks Bob Fiddaman for publishing.


D Bunker said...

I tried to watch it Ana, I Really did. I got through 36 minutes of it.

Dr Healy demolished his credibility by defending Britain's creation of the NHS.

As for President Obama, he'll be too busy to watch this. America is currently in the throws of a Major Political Catharsis.

President Obama will be frantically ducking, covering, backpedaling, and trying to force his agendas through until the 2010 elections.

He is, in actual effect, already a Lame Duck, and he knows it. The 2010 elections will make it official. His attempt to nationalize America's Health Care System backfired, Big Time. Even Harry Reid has dropped his endorsement.

Pres Obama's Socialist Medical Plan has ignited a Firestorm of peaceful opposition, in what can only be described as the First American Anti-Statist movement. America has simply Had It with Big Govt.

President Obama will achieve, nothing in his 4 years except getting his own party tossed out of office in droves. That will not solve the problem either, as the opposition party is every bit as culpable as Pres Obama's.

The Real prize for America and the World to keep their eyes on remains the exposure, and ending, of the Federal Reserve System. Once that monetary Frankenstein is Gone, there will not Be any centralized pile of endlessly created, Destructive, Free money to subsidize junk programs peddling Junk Science.

Ana said...

D Bunker,

I understand that you don't trust David Healy but I value his work about the antidepressants.
Wherever I see politics seems to have a goal of it's own that has nothing to do with the citizens they represent.
We have to fight for our rights but the thing became so strange that even a true opposition has vanished from the planet.
In other words: HELP!