Friday, April 19, 2013

Raising awareness without others is almost impossible

'A pill for every ill" leads to other pills to cope with side effects;

I don't know if it is only me but I have already explained the problems of psychiatric drugs to some people and when I met them again they ask the same questions and I have the feeling that all I said was not heard.

Maybe I speak too much and might be changing topics before making a point clear. I usually have the feeling I would have to spend one week talking to someone to explain what is happening to medicine.
The problem is that people trust their doctors. I once did and who knows I would ask myself if this lunatic who is claiming that the drug I'm taking can make me suicidal is right?

As there is nothing written in Portuguese, not a single physician speaks out, and the pharmaceutical industry is omnipresent there are no sources I can give to people.

I almost have to beg to people to listen because what I have to convey might save their lives of the life of a family member.
It is useless because a doctor will "prove" me wrong.


Mark p.s.2 said...

"they ask the same questions" they are hypnotized by the machine of consumerism and magical pills.

"people trust their doctors" people are supposed to trust their doctors, the problem is the fake scientific evidence saying psychiatric drugs work.

"I almost have to beg to people to listen" people who do not want to listen , will not believe what you say. Only speak to those who ask to hear your opinion.

D Bunker said...

"It is useless because a doctor will "prove" me wrong."

Then where are all those Doctors, Right Here, who are 'Proving' you wrong?

They're not here, the same way they're not at my page, because they Can't prove you wrong.

In fact. the Only thing they can Prove, is that they are Frauds, Con Artists, and Blow Hards.

For the moment, let's put the Worthless, Brain Eating Drugs aside.

Even the people who've Been poisoned by these Lawless Quacks, in the main, complain that we should substitute Psycho-Social counseling 1st and foremost. Whatever we do, Stop Attacking the Psycho-Bulls**t sessions.

If Any of that crap worked, Why are people supposed to need repeat Psyco-BS sessions for Life?

If it was Worth anything, at All, it would Work Permanently in 6 months tops.

But as you and I both know, it doesn't work and it Can't work, . . . BECAUSE, . . . it's Not actually medical, it's the Idiot, Political Scientism of Atheists, Nazis, and Communists.

Here, Share This with your readers. Both of these Psychiatric Super Geniuses are on the internet picking at nits.


They are Both Americans, and they don't even know the US Constitution from the Declaration of Independence.

Then, rather than discuss their PREJUDICES based on WRONG ASSUMPTIONS, the owner shuts off the comments.

And these 2 Psychiatrists are supposed to be the Good Ones.

There is simply No Hope for this field. None.

Ana said...

Mark and D Bunker,

I agree with all you both said.
It is only when I speak to Brazilians that I have these problems.

There is nothing, nothing, nothing at the internet similar to what we find in English.

I could make this blog because of all of you. There is a group of people who are writing books - none has been translated to Portuguese -, blogging, manifesting and keep raising awareness even if things don't change.

If I started a blog in Portuguese I would have nobody but the labs commenting saying that I'm crazy and "these drugs are helping millions of people, blah blah blah...".

I only discovered the truth by researching in English.

U should have made it clear at the post that this is about nations that don't have English as language.

It is the same in French. There is not a group of French people that are united doing what is done in English.

Sometimes I think that I'm the only person bellow the Equator that is in contact with these great people who have integrity and dignity.

This is strange. I'll search more because it simply can't be.

I have a virtual friend who has a blog where he writes about the barbaric way he was treated in a mental institution.

He is alone.