Thursday, February 07, 2013

February, 7 Cymbalta's victim Traci Johnson death anniversary

She would be twenty eight years old if she had not volunteered to join Cymbalta's Eli-Lilly urinary incontinence clinical trial in early January, 2004 in a clinic at Indiana University Medical Center.
In February, 7 her body was found. She hung herself with a scarf from a shower rod at Eli-Lily's facilities.

She was a healthy woman who just joined the trial to make a little money. Her picture is at the top left.

R.I.P. Traci


Cheri said...

Thank you, Ana, for keeping our dear Traci's memory alive and for sharing her story with others.

Ana said...

I never forget her.

toko baju muslim murah said...

i love your blog, to express your views, this is the correct way.

Ana said...

Thank you very much!
It means a lot to me.