Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Not posting but always here

I always post once a month but I didn't post on November. But I'm here and will always be.
I'm just dealing with some issues.
Be at peace.


D Bunker said...

I can see how your other page with its emphasis on art can be much more satisfying than repeatedly reporting the dark side of humanity - the psychiatric industry - and watching the people who Can change it, Government, just ignore it.

For me, it's a constant reaffirmation in the truth that "That Government which governs least, governs best."

Government Ignores the unlawful excesses of psychiatry, because Government has become so huge, with so many people owning a monied interest in allowing those excesses to continue, that it seems rather like having a screaming contest, with a wall.

I would like to see you Here more often, but I do understand, after my own pointing out of Billions of Dollars being sucked out of Americans' pockets in San Francisco for Years now, and having My Government Keep pretending they don't see it as they keep walking right past it looking for quarters, dimes and nickels that have been stolen by crooked Doctors.

Alas, it is likely to continue, as Most of the misery people are subjected to is Caused by Government excesses, and Psychiatry is merely the bottom of Tyranny's unwashed garbage can.

It's there to try to hide the mess made by the biggest Crooks of all: Elected Crooks.

God Bless, and Merry Christmas my friend!

Ana said...

D, Bunker,

I needed that so much. Thank you.
I don't stop thinking about all these issues.
I was just thinking how can it be that drug-induced suicide, which I experience twice, can happen and numerous other side effects.

At the other blog I don't blog only about art.
I have the tendency to search for the problems of humankind since ever.

I'm in touch with the most evil events happening now.

In 2011 I followed all I could about what they did in Libya.

I read and watched videos that had image of a cruelty that horrified me and I'll never forget.

I know that there are these few human beings that are capable of the most evil atrocities but I couldn't imagine how... there is not a word to describe it.

I was so involved that I caught myself "thinking" about Libya when I was sleeping.

I told myself it was time to stop because it was affecting me in a very profound way.

I wrote a book about psychiatry and it all in Portuguese. I finished it in 2006 and left it alone.

Someone printed it and I took a glimpse. There is so many things missing!

For the moment I'm having some personal problems and have to put things together.

Not even at the other blog I'm posting with the passion I have.

Thank you very much for making me see that this blog has something good.

Merry Christmas my friend and thank you for keeping the flame alive while I'm away.

God bless you!

Yes. US government and allies is very strange. Since the last century. What is happening in America, what they are doing to Americans is criminal and I'm deeply concerned.

D Bunker said...

Check your mail. Pictures won't go in the comment box.

Ana said...

I got the pictures.
Oh God!

They love killing children. This is the part of being human we have problems understanding.

I can kill in self-defense or to defend my loved people.

But could never do it in any other circumstance.

I've seen a lot of terrible images in 2011.
But i'm sure that there are more that would make me cry.