Friday, July 22, 2011

Let's lobby! We don't need bribing

I just came across with this definition of lobbyist and felt like sharing:
"A lobbyist is an activist usually paid by an interest group to promote their positions to legislatures. A lobbyist can also work to change public opinion through advertising campaigns or by influencing 'opinion leaders' or pundits, thereby creating a climate for the change his or her employer desires. The word lobbyist comes from the chambers in which the act of lobbying usually takes place, an anteroom near legislative bodies, for instance, or even the lobby of hotels where important people are staying. In American politics, most lobbyist organizations are headquartered on or near K Street in Washington DC, so "K Street" has become somewhat synonymous for lobbying. (emphasis mine)
It is very easy for a lobbyist to stray into bribery -- the most direct way to influence legislation, obviously, is to bribe enough law makers to ensure that the bill you support passes. Therefore, lobbying is heavily regulated. Of course, a lobbyist rarely makes the news unless he or she has transgressed the regulations, and as a result, 'lobbyist' has rather negative connotations these days. Measures to control the influence of lobbyists include campaign finance reforms, often promised but rarely passed. "(emphasis mine)
I never thought I would see activist and lobby at the same sentence but lobbying is heavily regulated is too funny. Clicking at the image or the link below is a glimpse of the reality:
Internal Memo Confirms Big Giveaways In White House Deal With Big Pharma


D Bunker said...

That's being Terribly unfair to America's 1st openly Bought & Paid for, openly Marxist President.

He brings us Hope, & Change, and illegal gun running to Mexican Narco Terrorists.


And we must Always remember, Ana, that None of it is His fault. George W. Bush made him do it.

Would you like to come to America Ana, and go Vote with me next November?

Ana said...

I would like to go to America to join manifestations at Washington.
If US don't start to speak out the world is in serious trouble D Bunker.
US elite and governments rule the world.
That is the truth.
Love you,

D Bunker said...

You wouldn't have Any trouble at all, Voting, in America. It's really very easy even for a citizen of Brazil or any Other Country (even though it is illegal).

Especially in Chicago. All you have to do is agree to register and vote Democrat and a local Ward Healer will sign you right up, and give you a pack of cigarettes or a pint of whiskey for helping them steal the election.

It's been going on for over half a century. When JFK ran for President he needed the votes of West Virginia, so his party machine asked his father Joe Kennedy for the money to buy pints of whiskey to give out, ....and JFK's father Joe told his son;

Look, I don't mind Buying the election for you, but I'm not Buying a Landslide. Make it Half a Pint."

Ana said...

In Brazil they give rice and beans or a denture.
I've been searching about politics and I'm finding many things that US government did or is doing.
Dear Lord! We think we know enough but what US and UK governments do is incredible.
They really want to destroy everything in the name of the 1% that rules.
I was now reading about the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity and they are amazing!
Fortunately there are many great Americans that are trying hard to raise awareness and alert that we have to speak out or human beings as we know are in danger.
Kennedy family is very strange.
But the Rockefellers...
So I'll fly to Chicago to vote and get my packet of cigarettes my pint and meet you.