Saturday, June 04, 2011

3 years old diagnosed depressed: Psychiatrist Rick Naubert Senior News Editor of PsychCentral writes article

The article is here:Psych Central

"Naturally, parents of depressed preschoolers are concerned about treatment options for their children. While antidepressants have been used with some success in the adult population, there is wide concern about whether they should be used in children, let alone children of such a young age whose brains are going through critical periods of development.
“Certainly, with kids, there are all kinds of concerns particular to their age and level of neurological and physical development when we’re talking about drug treatments,” said clinical psychologist Dr. Michael Yapko. “Despite those concerns, the Food and Drug Administration estimates that 7 percent of antidepressants are still being prescribed to children.”"
Subliminally Dr Michael shows his approval for antidepressants's use in children or he would not leave the FDA data without a comment. Or it was edited this way. "There is "a concern" it can be, not be, it depends... so, take it just in case."
Dr. Rick Naubert also send this message: "I'm so concerned with children! They might be depressed. Be careful parents. If your son/daughter is behaving... blah blah... " 
They will keep on prescribing to no matter who. We keep watching.

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