Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ACTION: We need to get out of the computer and go to the streets Facebook Generation

I have an account for each blog at Facebook and have some great friends. Yesterday I posted this:

    • Ana Luiza I wish I was in US! TIME TO GO TO THE STREETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Ana Luiza Sheryl! Yes, it is shocking! We don't expect that people can destroy children to make money. BUT ONCE AGAIN! TIME FOR ACTION!
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    • Ana Luíza Lima 
      I blog about psych medicines harms for 4 years. No awareness was raised. Only those who are already aware go to blogs.
      TIME FOR ACTION!!!!!!!!!!!
      Not at the computer. How long will it take for people realize that?
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    • Ana Luíza Lima 
      God intervention is out of question, it seems to me.
      There has been protests in US. Why did you stop?
      Blogging? Discussing with our friends here? We all know. Those who don't know are the ones we have to talk to.
      FOX? Maybe FOX will give a lit...See More

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I have already talked about action and for the first time people answered willing to manifest.
I will ask permission to copy what people wrote.
If they say we are the Facebook generation... why not try to see if we can really make a difference uniting at this social networking?


D Bunker said...

God Bless you my friend, but I'm afraid the only thing taking it to the streets will get you is ignored, until you become vocal enough to be arrested, and then you will just be thrown into some disgusting psychiatric snake pit.

Those of us who live in America - and are conservatives in the mold of America's Founders - have trouble forgetting that the Patriot Act is being used to check on the books people check out at our Libraries.

Our Judges don't know, and can't afford to find out.

Again, God Bless.

Ana said...

You are right D. Bunker.
Yes, you are right!
Thank you very much helping me see the truth.

D Bunker said...

At Jim Gottstein's psychrights.org:

See This on his front page:

Trial Judge Tosses Medicaid Fraud Cases Because Government Officials Are Allowing the Fraud to Continue, September 25, 2010.

The "Judge" told Jim that because the US Government already Knows it's being ripped off, his suit doesn't mean anything, so get out of my court.

BOB FIDDAMAN [Fiddy] said...

It's schools, teachers and parents that need educating. Psychiatrists and doctors are pretty much in the pocket of pharma - My thinking cap is on after I met with two advocates yesterday in Birmingham :-)


Keep on blogging Ana. You are the voice of Brasilia

Ana said...

D Bunker,
Jim is doing a wonderful job.
I have published one of his videos and now I'll be back there to see what he has been doing.
Thank you for reminding that.

I don't know what is happening with teachers in America because I met one American woman that said she had to fight a teacher who wanted some of the children to be on drugs.
I really don't understand. I'll try to talk to her again.
Yes, parents and teachers...
I envy you having a group of advocates for psychiatric medicines.
We have advocates to try to change Hospitals but nothing, nobody is doing anything in Brazil to raise awareness about the drugs.
I'll keep blogging as possible because helping changes in US affects Brazil.
People think that FDA is a very good regulator...
Thank you for the encouragement.