Friday, February 11, 2011

Stuart Shipko MD explains sexual dysfunctions caused by SSRIs medicines that are being used to treat sexual-offenders

Yesterday Mr. Shipko left the following comment at the post I wrote in March 21, 2010:
Blogger Dr. Shipko said...

I am pleased that someone is taking an interest in my public service video - and also pleased that someone else notes the work of Dr.Kafka. I just wish that the header didn't read that Dr. Shipko "admits" ... I reads as if it is my fault and that I am confessing. A better header would be that Dr. Shipko "exposes" or "clarifies" the severity of the problem.
S. Shipko MD February 10, 2011 9:03 PM

I'm republishing the post with the correction because I believe he is right and also because PSSD is still denied by many psychiatrists. This is a very serious issue that should be brought to the public especially because children and teenagers are being prescribed SSRI antidepressants.

"I believe this is the first time a psychiatrist speaks openly about sexual problems induced by SSRIs.
I visited SSRI-sex Yahoo group and found this video here.
This is what is written at the side bar:
Stuart Shipko, MD (psychiatrist) presents recent findings on the effects of antidepressants on sexual behavior.

"Sexual side effects occurring in response to taking antidepressant medications are more common than previously reported and may not always resolve once the medication has been discontinued. Informed consent regarding the use of these medications is most effectively accomplished when all professionals responsible for a patients care are educated about these side effects and work collaboratively to educate patients, thus increasing their ability to make an informed choice. The frequency with which the medications are prescribed, the evidence that sexual side effects have been underestimated, and the deleterious effects that such medication side effects may have on treatment and patient functioning make it imperative that psychologists educate themselves in order to best help those whom they serve. This entails a necessary expansion of psychologists knowledge base and scope of practice. Current efforts at informed consent are most likely inadequate, particularly for the treatment of children and adolescents, and leave a void that psychologists, given our often more frequent contact with patients, are particularly suited to fill."1"

At the video he claims:

"These effects have been used by medical scientists. these drugs have been promoted in same cases as treatment for premature ejaculation. Martin Kafka, a Harvard psychiatrist, has promoted the use of these drugs to reduce sexual impulsivity in sexual offenders."

I have wrote about Martin Kafka's treatment at this post.
It is very strange that this "treatment" is being used since 1996 and psychiatrists are still denying that SSRI do cause sexual problems or claiming that "I never heard about that in my clinical experience" is so common. This is not a recent finding.
As I said at the post:
I've stressed "deviant sexual thoughts and fantasies" because it's widely reported on SSRI-sex Yahoo group people claiming that their normal sexual fantasies and thoughts have been altered or disappeared.
Claiming that "SSRIs may help alter a dysfunctional serotonergic system" is not a good explanation. Why on earth people who have conventional sexual fantasies are also affected when they take SSRIs?
It's written here:
"Since serotonine affects sexual appetite,..." and this is what really happens along with changes in sexual thoughts and fantasies which should be investigated because normal people are having sexual problems such as anorgasmia, lost of libido, lack of sexual thoughts and fantasies even after years off SSRIs.
It should be considered as a serious iatrogenic condition and not praised because it can fix paraphilias."


D Bunker said...

I find it highly illustrative that a Psychiatrist is peeved over the difference between "admits" and "explains or clarifies", since their diagnostic junk science cloaks itself in the vague & amorphous "ideation", which contains a damn sight Less specificity than admits or explains.

Yes, English Is a vast ocean of a language to swim around in, and for Any Psychiatrist to cop an attitude over the difference between admits & explains strikes me as "Par For The Psychiatric Course": .....Sheer, Unbridled Hubris.

Ana said...

In my language, Portuguese, we have the three words and they have the same connotation.
I don't care about semantics. This is nothing.
I don't think he did read all the post because he says that he is pleased with what Mr. Kafka is doing.
Mr. Kafka work only shows how harmful SSRIs are.
What is amazing is that nobody cares.
These drugs are being given to children, teenagers...
NOBODY cares.
I'm in a terrible mood today. Tired of seeing people unaware of what they are taking, tired of trying to explain and people don't want to listen because... "such a boring and tedious subject!"
"WTF! I'm talking about your health!"
When they want to listen I have to speak fast, because I know they want to talk about... the weekend... the weather...
I admit that I'm frustrated. Nothing will be done because some few people have to gain more money...
And psychiatrists keep prescribing!
I wonder if Mr Shipko stopped prescribing SSRIs. lol
"What a wonderful world!!!!!!!!!!!"
Oh Yeahhhhhhhhh!