Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A message to Mr Obama and US Congress

Don't laugh!
I just sent a message to Mr Obama at the White House site:
"I just want to remind you that the number of those who are suffering the hell because of psychdrugs like Prozac, Cymbalta, Paxil, Zoloft, Effexor - all the SSRIs and anti-psychotics - is increasing day after day.
Still the US President and congressmen don't care.
You are harming not only US citizens, harming in a hideous way that can be considered as crime against humanity, but the world population.
Will you ever consider health an important issue?
There is no other name for what these drugs are doing: crimes.
Is that all the American government has to offer?"
Why didn't anybody had the idea of telling Obama about it? I'm sure he is not aware of what is happening. Now we can wait for a change.

(How any of these politicians can claim for respect when what they do are below any ethics, dignity and their speeches are made of words, words and words that mean nothing? Still their actions destroy.)
Here, Obama's government recruiting children 7-17 years old to a clinical trial of Prozac and Cymbalta. It started in 2009 and will end in 2011. Eli-Lilly causing more victims.


Mike Golch said...

big pharma,keeps giving money to the campaings,so when money talks people listen.

Ana said...

Money is more important than people.
Obama received money from pharmas during campaign.

D Bunker said...

I am a Republican only because the American Libertarian & Constitutional Parties cannot get elected.

BOTH PARTIES are taking Pharma Monies, and Neither of them are interested in stopping these atrocities, and this is the price that Everyone - Democrat or Republican - must pay, for trusting in Big Government to "Take Care" of them.

I suppose I just need to vent, and say Thank You Ana, for all the tireless work you are doing.

If the only thing we can All do is to carry a sign and a bullhorn (on line) and keep exposing this chemical warfare against All peoples, then we will All have to buy a Bigger Bullhorn, and make sure that it has fresh batteries in it.

Ana said...

D Bunker,
I'l doing what I can because there are people like you doing the same.
But I have to confess that I'm very pessimistic about raising awareness.
It would require lots of work and not only at the computer.
Thank you for making me feel a little worthy.