Monday, October 19, 2009

Ten best moments of a friend's life

"I read a post from another blogger about sharing the Ten Best Moments of my Life. I thought that was a good idea. So I'm going to post mine here are sort of in order of time but not priority.

1. Graduating from college with high honors--it was a real "whew" moment
2. Getting my Ph.D. --it made me have a great sense of accomplishment
3. Getting my first job as a scientist--finally getting paid to do something I love
4. Getting my first paper published--without revision. I was published as a scientist!
5. Getting married--intending to spend my life with someone I deeply love
6. Getting my first car--an old Mustang that I liked and was my very own
7. Building our house--and acting as the general contractor
8. Getting the top prize with one of my hobbies
9. That Ah-Ha moment in recovery when I understood that I could Let Go
10. A first kiss from a special person--another Ah-Ha moment

What are the ten best moments in your life?"

These are the ten best moment's of a Susan's friend - she always have great friends! I have to learn with her how to find more amazing people and Stephany is also a good in finding and introducing great people! Oops I met Susan because of Stephany.
I felt like sharing it with you. I'll do my own later I loved these moments, though. What a great life!
I dedicate this post to all the great friends I have because of this blog.
Love you all and you are always on my mind, heart and soul in good and in bad times.

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