Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Blogger Award

Sandee at Comedy Plus gave me "The Blogger Award". I'm very happy because sometimes I have some doubts and because my other blog has also been chosen.
Thank you very much Sandee.

It's all blue, my favorite color. :)

I'll follow it now for Clinically Clueless and Catatonic Kid because I'm still on letter "C". Later I will focus on the whole alphabet.

These are other amazing people I've chosen always committing injustice:

Bob Fiddaman at Seroxat Sufferers stand up and be counted,
D Bunker at Psychiatry it's a killing,
Gianna at Beyond Meds,
Mark at Justakrusen,
Marissa at Depression Introspection,
Marj at Survivors can Thrive,
Matthew at It's quite an experience,
Mike at Rambling Stuff,
Susan at If you're going thought hell keep going,
Svasti at Svasti: A Journey From Assault To Wholeness,

Five name with letter "M"? Yes, we have to follow a criteria.


Mark Krusen said...

Congratulations Ana,

You deserve any award you get.

Ana said...

Thank you Mark!
It's encouraging.

Catatonic Kid said...

Well would you look at that :D Thanks, Ana!

It definitely is a funky colour.

Ana said...

Catatonic Kid
Thank you for accepting it.

Herrad said...

Hi Ana,

Brilliant news about the award.

Ana said...

Thank you Herrad!


Monica Cassani said...

thank you very much Ana! and thanks for your good wishes today..
love to you.

Fid said...

Well deserved Ana and thank you so much for paying it on.


Anonymous said...

Awww! Gee thanks Ana! That's super sweet of you :)

Mark Krusen said...

Well thank you for the award Ana. I'm truly sharing it with some distinguishing bloggers.

susan said...

Thank you very much Ana!


Ana said...

I was watching your video at D Bunker blog and seeing your pets. I thought, "She is getting so much better!"
When I arrived at your blog it was very sad knowing you're not fine.
I just hope that time will heal it all.

We all deserve it! I thought about giving to anybody on my blog list but I think that it loses a little.
Next award, new letter. as the saying. :)

You are sweet.:)

Because you are just like them.
But you got a little help because it's "M" time.

Ana said...

We were writing at the same time.
Love you!


Monica Cassani said...

that video is from Dec and it was on an unusually good day...even then I was mostly bedridden...

thanks for your concern.

I can "look" good if I try. Take a shower, put on some make-up and smile and no one knows anything is wrong with me...

that's why these sorts of things are called invisible illnesses...

this is what I'm like more often than not...


and that was made not long after the first video...like everyone I have better days and worse days...

the day I made the video of the pets I was so wasted afterward because of all the effort involved...

anyway...peace...I hope soon I will have this poison out and then I can start recovering.

Mike Golch said...

Ana,thank you for the award.

Ana said...

I know it's from December. I started watching because I though it was another one you made by that time and I wanted to see it again.
When you said you were going to introduce you "friends" I had to see it.
Yes! We are actress.
I remember so many times I was feeling huge side effects like feeling my body as if it was going to part in the middle; hallucinations; jelly legs... so many!
There I was working and smiling.
Just the other day I left a comment to I don't remember who about how psychiatrists don't understand how debilitated we are.
I remember that when I used to go I dressed up and pretended I was fine.
We shouldn't do it.
I will write about it and use the time you went with a blanket and sat at the floor of your Doctor's floor: "This is the first time."
Why pretend we are great for our physicians?
I believe it's because we have dignity but they don't know it.

Ana said...

You deserve it.

D Bunker said...

Thank you Ana.

I'm going to accept it and put it in my trophy trunk right along with the one Susan gave me.

And then when something actually changes, I'll take them out and we'll all celebrate.

Ana said...

That's a great idea.
Celebrating! Can you imagine?

Marj aka Thriver said...

Wow! I am touched that you would think of me in this way, Ana. Thank you so much!

Ana said...

With all the work you do?
Of course I have to think of you.
Have a great day!

Kass said...

Sorry my congratulations are late but thank you very much, Ana. :)

Ana said...