Wednesday, February 11, 2009

FDA approves depressant drugs

Katharine's was the first to publish it. I don't have the habitude of searching for funny stuff. I hardly smile. I'm a very centered person.


Anonymous said...

Haha, "I hardly smile. I'm a very centered person"

Also, spelling my name correctly gets you love, because hardly anyone does. So, LOVE!

Ana said...

We are not allowed to smile, cry, look sad...
I guess the only exit is inject butox in all muscles of the face and paralyse it all.
Wow! I spelled right!
You see how centred I am.

Mark p.s.2 said...

I have not and will not forgive the Onion for making fun of schizophrenics.
The rule in good comedy is you only pick targets that have power or can fight back. Or oneself.

Ana said...

I didn't see it this way. I'm sorry.
I saw as a critic to FDA, Pharmas - Pfizer representative talking - all related to diagnosing normal human condition.
I'll try to see it this way.

Stan said...

Dear Ana:

After being free of termites and spending all that time in the bedroom with the Handy Man (Handy at what is still mystery). Not to mention you have a computer that is working for more than a 24 hour period {Laughing}. I would suggest you at least think about asking your psych doctor for some samples and of course one of those squeeze crying inducer toys. The Last thing this world needs would for you to be bouncing around happy all day. Good God, the pure horror of this thought. Thanks for bringing each of us this important breakthrough in Psychiatric Science {Smirk}. I guess I should take my unhappy pills, and go have a good long cry now.

You’re sobbing pal,

Mark p.s.2 said...

I believe you misunderstand me. The video I'm referring to is a different one from the one you mention here. It specifically makes fun of schizophrenics.

Ana said...

I believe I'll ask for some samples.
Haven't you cried today?
Be careful! You must take care Stan. Don't forget the antidepressant to balance it all and a mood stabilizer.

I haven't seen this video.
This is absurd.

Anonymous said...

Ana, I thought this one was hilarious. Seeing one about schizophrenia... eh, maybe not. Kinda reminds me about how the jury is out on the United States of Tara about a lady who has DID. I know people who love the show but other people think it's despicable.

Ana said...

I did not see the one about schizophrenia. I only knew about Onion yesterday. I did not see United States of Tara.
It's hard to do a good work on anything related to mental health.
I hate the things that are attributed to psychoanalysis that has nothing to do with the therapy.
Cinema makes some stereotypes that are not good.